Sin Rummy


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"I will not attempt to describe Gin-Rummy in detail as you can call up any insane asylum and get any patient on the phone and learn all about it in no time, as all lunatics are bound to be Gin players, and in fact the chances are it is Gin-Rummy that makes them lunatics." -- Damon Runyon, Collier's Magazine, February 12th, 1944

Sin Rummy is a vicious twist on one of the most popular card games of all time, inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s seven ‘social sins.’ The game is elegantly contained inside a gorgeous deck of the highest-quality playing cards, manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company.

Sin Rummy is easy to learn: if you have ever played any version of Rummy, you’ll pick up Sin Rummy in less than a minute. Same rules - with a twist. Each player is dealt one of the social sin cards, cards like ‘Politics without Principle’ or ‘Knowledge without Character’ or ‘Pleasure without Conscience.’ These cards subvert the rules and with over 20 different sin cards in the deck, there are over 190 possible matchups with a wide variety of strategies.

The game’s first printing was funded on Kickstarter, designed by Richmond creative Mason Adams. ‘All my life I’ve been a card player - every Thanksgiving my family gets together and we play endless hands of Hearts, Spades, Poker, Rummy and Bridge. I wanted something that would be easy to pick up but still be deep enough that every hand would be interesting. Something simple, strategically complex and balanced, yet still able to fit in my pocket.’

*Edition of 1000. Includes 2 decks.