RVA Glass Featuring Artist Hamilton Glass

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Our collaboration with artist Hamilton Glass features his signature #Whosham RVA logo laser etched around the entirety of these stunning double rocks cocktail glasses that are perfect for a locally made beverage of your choice. Making this partnership even more special, Hamilton was recently featured on the cover of Richmond Grid magazine. We’re proud to tell Hamilton’s story in the pages of our magazine and through this one-of-a-kind product made in limited batches by Grid Supply Co.

Hamilton’s career as an artist stems from his architecture and design background. Despite working in the architecture field for 7 years, his passion for public art pushed him to start a career as an artist. Today, Hamilton uses his art to inspire the entire RVA community and beyond. His work, as seen in the RVA logo etched onto the glass, is distinguished by the use of architectural elements and sharp lines. Study the logo closely and you’ll quickly gain a sense of the energy and movement that Hamilton offers to the RVA community in every project he touches.

To create this product, Grid Supply sourced the glassware from Gusti Restaurant Supply, a family run business in Richmond for over two decades. Working closely with the Gusti family, Grid selected a double rocks glass with just the right weight and thickness. From there, we collaborated with Big Secret, a laser art and design studio in Richmond, to laser etch Hamilton’s work onto each glass to ensure this product is as local and authentic to Richmond as possible. We recommend using your RVA glass with Hamilton's art with local spirits from Reservoir Distillery, Virago, Belle Isle Moonshine, or Cirrus Vodka!

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