Foushee Mill by Steve Hedberg, Limited Release Fine Art Print

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In 1819, a two-story gristmill on the north bank of the James River was built, just downstream of what is now the Nickel Bridge. The ruins of that once-massive stone structure still stands today! That's right, 200-years of storms and floods have not quite consumed it. This abandoned and almost entirely unknown slice of Richmond offers a tangible link to Richmond history and reminder of our tenacity. Go in search of Foushee Mill, and you’ll be rewarded with a hike through Richmond’s urban wilderness and a reminder of our city’s craftsmanship, grit, and longtime draw to the river’s edge. Foushee Mill was painted by artist Steve Hedberg, an artist known for his adventures along the James River, for the True Places series. A portion of the proceeds benefit the Friends of the James River Park, an all-volunteer nonprofit organization that works in partnership with the Park staff to promote, conserve and support the Park.

• Signed by artist Steve Hedberg
• Printed on high quality cotton paper
• 12x15 ready to frame size portrait (frame not included)
• Limited release