Rocks Glass Featuring Artist Emily Herr


**HOLIDAY ORDERS: Please note that Grid Supply cannot guarantee arrival by Dec. 25, 2022 unless the delivery address is in the City of Richmond, Henrico, Hanover, or Chesterfield.

Our Old Fashioned glasses are anything but old fashioned. Each glass features the work of artist Emily Herr with her Girls! Girls! Girls! portrait series laser etched around the entirety of the polished glass.

Shattering the outdated idea that whiskey is just for men, this special collab honors Emily’s "Girls! Girls! Girls!" tour, an empowering series of murals that began appearing up and down the East Coast in 2017. To make this possible, Emily converted an old Step Van into a brightly colored, one-of-a-kind mobile art studio and took to the streets. Driven by a desire to create public art that represented everyday women, Emily charted a course that took her from Virginia to Vermont, painting as she traveled.

“My goal is to help normalize the glorious variety of ways that female-identifying people occupy the world,” says Emily. She points out that women in today’s ads and art are too often simplified into a single type of person, something that is often more object than human. Emily wants to instead normalize and celebrate women in a broad spectrum of bodies and lifestyles.

This special collaboration with Emily was made possible thanks to Big Secret, a laser art and design studio in Richmond. All proceeds from the sale of each glass will support the next Girls! Girls! Girls tour.